The matador defense

Every week, I spend part of my time on junk emails, faxes, and phone calls.  Maybe there’s gold in my air ducts, because I get several calls a month offering to clean them.

Fortunately, I’m well protected from these annoyances by the CAN-SPAM Act, the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Do-Not-Call Improvement Act, and other fearsome regulations.  Well, maybe I’m not so well protected after all—in spite of years of trying, the agencies and commissions responsible for enforcement do not seem to be able to stop this flood of junk, spam, spoofing, and scams.

In basketball, the commentators refer to this sort of thing as “the matador defense”.  That’s when players don’t really bother to stop their opponents from scoring, but just sort of wave at them as they go by.

Unfortunately, there are problems in our protection systems that are far more serious than junk emails and calls.  Consider the financial ruin caused by fraud that goes undetected for years, the injuries and deaths caused by seriously flawed products and services, and the vicious crimes committed by repeat offenders.  The regulators and enforcers responsible for these areas would argue that things would be a lot worse without their efforts.  Perhaps.  But that’s of little consolation to the victims.

Is your agency, company or organization actually resolving your serious problems, or are you just using the matador defense?  Maybe it’s time to put down the cape and pick up the sword—or better yet, don’t let the bull run around in the first place.

George M. Pomonik
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2 thoughts on “The matador defense

  1. The phrase “matador defense” was originated by Chick Hearn, the legendary announcer for the Los Angeles Lakers. His imaginative creations included “bunny hop in the pea patch” (traveling violation), “into the popcorn machine” (faked out of position), and many others. He was a master of painting vivid pictures with words and amplifying excitement.

  2. George
    This was an interesting post. I didn’t realize it had a name ‘The Matador defense”.

    I have this problem, as does just about everyone. Spam mail is OK. I just delete it, but the phone calls are really disturbing.

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