Another reason why you must vote

Here’s another reason why you must vote: our Presidents are elected by a minority of the people who are eligible to vote.

As shown in the table below, in 1980 through 2008 the winning presidential candidate received significantly less than half the votes of the eligible population.  Earlier elections had similar results.  Even in the year shown with the best turnout (62% in 2008), the winner’s percentage of the eligible voters was only 33%.  They were outnumbered by the 38% of the eligible people who didn’t vote at all that year.  In the worst turnout shown (52% in 1996), the “abstainers” outnumbered the winner’s supporters 48% to 25%.

In the past, if the “abstainers” had regained consciousness and voted as a bloc, they could have easily elected a person who wasn’t even on the ballot!  Charlton Heston?  Oprah Winfrey?  Seth MacFarlane as Peter Griffin?  Or my favorite, Mel Brooks?

Well, you get the idea—don’t forget to vote!

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