Opportunity agility

The point guard spots a seam in the defense and in a split second hits an open teammate for an easy shot.  The halfback sees a brief gap in the line and is through it before the opposition can react.  Their teams are always alert for opportunities, they find ways to help create them, react quickly, and have the skills needed to make the most of them.  That’s opportunity agility.

Opportunity agility also applies to companies, organizations, and agencies.  How’s yours?  Is your group constantly on the lookout for events, changes, and trends that can be used to your advantage?  Do you quickly spot your problems and weaknesses and fix them fast?  Can you react rapidly to openings while they still have value?

Stepping back and looking at the larger picture, are your goals clear and understood?  Do you attract and retain strong talent?  Is everyone’s efforts sustained and aligned on getting results?  Are they enthusiastic?  Do you help create situations that lead to opportunities?  Do you get the information needed to help with all this?  What about effective planning, training, and coaching?  Are you ensuring long-term financial success?  And do you find ways to develop and maintain your necessary strengths?  You do?  Great!

You’ve seen poor examples of opportunity agility.  Slow reactions, while time, money, and resources are wasted.  People running around with their hair on fire.  Acceptance of excuses.  Delays because of busy work.  Bureaucratic mazes.  Poor communications.  And plain ol’ laziness.  But that’s always the other guys, right?

Well, that’s enough reading for now.  It’s time to huddle up, grab the ball, and go get ’em!

George M. Pomonik
Pomonik Consulting, Inc.
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