D’Onofrio’s Pizza

Years ago, the smiling guy behind the counter at D’Onofrio’s Pizza was dusted with flour as he energetically hopped between making pizzas and selling them.  You’d think my Uncle Joe had been in that shop all of his life, cranking out some of the best pizzas in the San Fernando Valley.

But the name D’Onofrio was from a much earlier owner.  And Joe had actually been a paratrooper during World War II.  He was one of those brave and crazy Americans who jumped into the battlefield during the Normandy invasion.  Lots of stories there, including a Purple Heart medal.

Things aren’t always as they seem.  Be careful about your assumptions.

Look around.  Where else might we be forming initial impressions that are incorrect?  The old woman in the wheelchair was once a beautiful and popular dancer.  The shy, awkward kid went on to become a distinguished surgeon.  The object in the side view mirror was closer than it appeared.  The overly optimistic assumptions at the start of a business venture put it on a path to failure.

When Joe closed the pizza place for the night you would usually see him walking the few short blocks to his house carrying a pizza box.  But there was no hot pizza for his family.  The box held the cash from that day, and the hand under the box held a loaded German Luger pistol.  Things aren’t always as they seem.  Be careful about your assumptions.

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