Sons having fun in the sun

Four brothers decided that they could do very well in the cattle ranching business, and they asked their father to fund them.

Before he would finance the venture, he wanted his sons to show him that they were well prepared to start it efficiently and sustain it successfully.  Part of his test included his “Three-legged Stool Model”.  Were the legs of the stool (product, administration, and marketing) equally strong, and was the seat of the stool (leadership) strong enough to hold the legs together firmly?

The brothers showed him that they were ready.  John had hands-on experience working with cattle and successfully supervising cattle ranches for others.  Bob had great capabilities in the administrative, financial, and legal aspects of this business.  Mike was a marketing and public relations whiz, with strong connections in the wholesale beef business.  And Isaac was a natural leader, had great relationships with his brothers, always focused on overall goals, and had an excellent reputation in the industry.

They had a practical business plan, and had clearly defined how they would operate efficiently and profitably.  They were environmentally aware, and their plans included using solar energy to generate their electricity.

The father decided to give them the money, and they bought a wonderful site.  The brothers gave their father the honor of naming the ranch.  And he called it “Focal Point”, because that’s where the sun’s rays meet—and where the sons raise meat.

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