The 98% flat tax

The year is 2084 and the flat tax on personal income is 98%.

This all started because the deluge of downloaded media, text messages, tweets, blogs, and video games left little time for something as boring as work.  As a result, the people who didn’t have time to work, didn’t want to work, or were pretending to work soon became the majority.  Naturally, they voted huge benefits for themselves so they wouldn’t have to work at all.  As income taxes went up to pay for all the non-workers, it drove even more people out of the workforce, until a good balance was reached at the 98% tax rate.

Of course, this economic stability is possible because automation and salaries increased enormously in response to the severe labor shortages.  Here are some typical annual salaries: hairdresser $5 million; plumber $7 million; and registered nurse $10 million.  The extremely high paid Designated Celebrities are very important sources of tax revenues.  Although these celebrities have no real talents (just notoriety), they receive billions of dollars a year from their Sworn Endorsements, Pay-per-view Tweets, and very expensive Virtual Intercourse Sessions.

Major advances in virtual technology have greatly improved many aspects of life.  Since virtual athletes are stronger, faster, and better looking, they have completely replaced human athletes.  This has allowed rule changes that now make sports far more exciting.  For example, in Super Football the ball isn’t considered down until the ball carrier has his leg torn off.  And the 3-point shot was added in Super Hockey, based on scoring with the head of a decapitated opponent.

Everyone is quite content with current conditions.  Oh, there are a few small gangs of rebels who advocate a strong work ethic, face-to-face communications, and other such nonsense.  Fortunately, they are isolated in wilderness areas and have no effect on civilized society.

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Pomonik Consulting, Inc.
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