Safe super drugs

Psst.  Want some drugs that’ll make you feel really good?  Primo quality.  Totally safe.  I have a great combo that has just what you need; here are their street names:

  • Happiness
  • Knowledge
  • Success

Here’s how you get ’em.


Be positive and recognize the joys of life.  Connect with people and community, and help others to be happy.  See “Diamonds and rubies” and “Happy” (the movie).


Be curious, take advantage of formal and informal education opportunities, and practice what you learn.  See “How to learn” and “What can I read to help me succeed?


Enjoy what you do, pay attention to the fundamentals, and help others to succeed.  See “Sons having fun in the sun” and “Help them succeed”.

These are designed to be taken together.  If you keep them in balance, they’ll have no adverse side effects.  The combination can also help you improve your medical test results.  However, using only one and overdosing on it can lead to an addiction problem.

Of course, you should always check with your doctor to see if you’re healthy enough to take these.  If you experience sudden feelings of euphoria, tell your doctor.  If they last more than a year, tell your friends.

There are your drugs.  You can take them with or without food.  Where do I send the invoice?

George M. Pomonik
Pomonik Consulting, Inc.
“Chaos Removal Services”SM

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