How to slay a dragon

The king called his three bravest knights together and announced that he needed one of them to slay a very dangerous dragon.  The task was so perilous that he promised to grant them whatever they wished.

The first knight, Sir Bart the Bold, asked for 500 pieces of gold, to provide for his family in case he failed to return from this dreadful venture.

Sir Rodney the Ready requested 1000 pieces of gold—of course 500 for his family, but 500 more for charity.

Sir Wyler the Wise asked for 1500 pieces of gold; he wanted 500 for his family and 500 for charity, plus 500 more.

“What are you going to do with the additional 500?” asked the king.  Sir Wyler replied, “Sire, that 500 is to give to Sir Bart, to go instead of me.”


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2 thoughts on “How to slay a dragon

  1. Nice story, George. I always enjoy your blog. BTW, have you heard of that famous fairy tale “George & the Dragon”? I love reading that one to my kids, because it teaches them that the brain is the best weapon. Have a great Thanksgiving.

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