When I was young and single, I found out about the greatest pick up line in the history of the world.  Recently, I passed the information on to a young man who was desperately trying to meet this gorgeous young woman.  He was going to try the line out that night, at a club where he knew she would be.  The next day I asked him if it worked.  “No” he replied, “the music was so loud and the crowd was so noisy that she couldn’t hear a word I said.”

Noise can certainly get in the way, but not all noise makes a sound.  For example, I get the same email invitation to an event again and again, in an attempt to get noticed over the clamor of hundreds of other emails.  Have we reached the point where it’s OK to skip the courtesy of a reply, unless a message is hammered at us?

Excuse me a minute—I have to go answer the phone.  I’m back—it was just another telemarketer, calling because his client can’t find any other way to get my attention.  Now where was I?  Oh yeah, noise.

Well, the young man finally got a date with gorgeous.  What a date—they were both so busy with text messages that they didn’t get busy with each other.  There you go—100% effective birth control.

Noise takes many forms, interferes with our ability to concentrate, and decreases our enjoyment of the people around us.  But I’m not talking about forces of nature here—we’re the ones creating and amplifying this noise.  And we’re the ones who can quiet things down.


George M. Pomonik
Pomonik Consulting, Inc.
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