This post is plagiarized

I just discovered that this post is plagiarized!  I didn’t intend to steal it, but it was unavoidable.

Using statistics—a very powerful tool—I checked to see if it’s possible to write a short piece that’s completely new and original.  Well, I can’t.

Consider that this piece is 160 words long and I think that I use around 165 different words in my writing.  The equation for combinations, C = n!/(r!(n – r)!), shows that 958,683,033 variations are possible.  Since there are already more than 75,000,000,000 posts on the internet, this piece must have been written already!

So you might as well stop reading and writing short pieces because everything has already been covered.

Or maybe you just shouldn’t pay attention to “statistics” that are baloney—like the ones in this post, where the equation is correct but it doesn’t apply to the situation, and the assumptions are all wrong.  Whew, I guess I didn’t steal this after all!


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