Prince Five-Weapons and Sticky-Hair

The tale of “Prince Five-Weapons and Sticky-Hair” is about one of the previous lives of the Buddha.  The prince, the future Buddha, was known for his five weapons: arrows, sword, spear, club, and martial arts.  All of his weapons failed when he battled Sticky-Hair, a man-eating monster covered with sticky thick fur.

Prince Five-Weapons found himself helplessly stuck to the monster.  However, he showed no fear.  Sticky-Hair was puzzled by the prince’s calmness and asked him why he wasn’t afraid to be eaten.  Prince Five-Weapons disclosed that he had a very powerful internal sixth weapon that would destroy the monster from the inside.  Impressed by the prince’s bravery, and afraid of being killed, Sticky-Hair released the prince.  After he was safe, the prince revealed that the sixth weapon was Wisdom.

Dealing with your own sticky situation?  Well, if it’s something you stepped in, be sure to clean it up before you go in the house.  However, you might be faced with a really difficult situation—as soon as you get involved, the problems stick to you and entangle you, and struggling to resolve them only makes things worse.  In that case perhaps, like the prince, you can find a way to safely extricate yourself.

Maybe you can turn the situation around by staying calm, stepping back, and finding a new perspective.  Or maybe take a long look at the landscape right from the start and avoid the mess altogether.

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