Well, here we are, sandwiched between Mother’s Day and Father’s Day—occasions to show appreciation to a couple of the important people in our lives.  But what about the rest of our relationships?

Maybe we should also have special days for spouses, siblings, kids, friends, teachers, business associates, and bosses.  Business associates and bosses?  Well sure—maybe it’s hard to believe sometimes, but they’re people too.  And like everyone else, they enjoy knowing that they’re appreciated.  And that goes for just about everybody who helps us or who we help.

Do we really need a special day for all those people?  Nah, we’d just clutter the year up with special day cards, gifts, dinners, testimonials, award ceremonies, TV specials, colossal monuments, and then possible recriminations for not doing enough.

No, all we really need to do is look around, notice what people are doing, appreciate it—and then say something about it to them!

Appreciate.  Do it often, see the good that it does to the world around you, and how good it makes you feel.


George M. Pomonik
Pomonik Consulting, Inc.
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One thought on “Appreciate

  1. George, this is a great reminder. Recently I got some heartfelt appreciation from a client for my work on their blog that has multiple authors. It feels good to be appreciated!

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