Help them succeed

My favorite question, when looking at a specific business activity, is “why are you doing this?”  A powerful answer is “to help our customers succeed”. 

Finding good answers to “how do we help them succeed?” provides high value to our customers and encourages their support.  And when they thrive, they continue to buy our products and services.  It also helps keep our area of business healthy, and contributes to the vitality of the whole economy.  Presto!  We just saved the world!

Well, maybe not.  But the value of “help them succeed” goes well beyond benefits to business customers.  Here are some examples: 

  1. Within our companies and nonprofit organizations.  All organizations have internal customers (owners, patrons, bosses, colleagues, subordinates, etc.).  By supporting their success, we can enjoy greater cooperation and innovation, and increase the strength of our team.
  2. In our homes and our schools.  When we focus on our young people’s success in the broadest sense, we help prepare them to be happy, healthy, and harmonious members of society.  We can support that goal by providing them with excellent role models and showing them how to deal with real-life situations.
  3. In public service and safety.  Imagine:
    • Law enforcement successes that keep bad guys off the street, and also help people stay out of trouble and contribute to society instead of harming it.
    • Regulatory agency successes that assure public protection, without stifling innovation and commerce.
    • Health care successes that help people stay physically and mentally vigorous through healthy life styles and prevention, without dangerous side effects.

“Help them succeed”.  Spread it around.  It’s the start of many solutions.


George M. Pomonik
Pomonik Consulting, Inc.
“Chaos Removal Services”SM

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