Ooh, a piece of candy!

There’s a Family Guy episode where Peter Griffin and James Woods are going to meet in the alley to “settle it like men”.  Woods, in a rage, goes into the alley to get Peter (and his talking dog Brian) but he’s distracted by a piece of candy on the ground.  He exclaims “Ooh, a piece of candy!” and picks it up.  He sees another—”Ooh, a piece of candy!” and picks it up.  He keeps repeating this until the trail of candy leads him into Peter and Brian’s trap, where he is caught, crated, and carried off into obscurity.  Another sad story of a guy diverted from his mission by emotions, distractions, and temptations.

You know lots of examples where not sticking to a good plan creates big problems.  The quarterback blows the game because he freaks out at the sight of the charging hulks, and gives up on the play.  The baseball player takes his eye off the ball and goes down swinging.  The golfer doesn’t follow through and lands up in the woods.

An organization under pressure collapses because the people abandon strong practices and just run around with their hair on fire.  For individuals, a self-indulgent lifestyle can lead to health problems, relationship issues, and financial difficulties.

If results were better with impetuous behavior and self-indulgence, then that should be the game plan—but obviously that doesn’t work.  So, in summary… wait a minute… what’s that over there?  Ooh, a piece of candy!

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