Five generations

Family_for_blogOur great-granddaughter was born a month ago.  My mother got together with the baby a week later and we took some snapshots of the five generations of our family, spanning 100 years.

When my mother was born in the Austro-Hungarian Empire, World War I was convulsing Europe.  When her family came to this country a couple of years after the war, they traveled by horse-drawn wagon, coal-fired steam locomotive and steamship.  The journey took over three weeks.  Today, we can make that trip in less than a day.

Each generation over the past 100 years has seen extraordinary advances in many areas of our lives.  Man on the moon?  Done.  Small pox epidemic?  What’s that.  Face time with a buddy on the other side of the world?  Wait a sec while I connect.  Climb Mount Everest?  When do you want to book your trip.

Can you imagine what miracles we might see five generations from now?  Perhaps conflicts will be settled without lawsuits or bloodshed, and—who knows—people might even get customer service without being put on hold.


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