Ya’ just gotta be lucky

Do you want to improve your luck?  Researchers on this subject have a variety of views about the characteristics of lucky people.  Let’s look at several traits that seem to be on most lists.

Be prepared.  Yeah, the old Boy Scouts motto.  Be prepared through education, training, and gaining understanding.  And be prepared to be bold without being foolish.

Be gregarious.  Cultivate and enjoy networks of friends and acquaintances that help expose you to information, ideas, and opportunities.  As part of that, be approachable and enjoyable to be with.

Use your intuition.  Did you ever “just have a feeling” about something?  Maybe it was actually a valid judgment, based on how you processed various inputs to your senses, emotions, and animal instincts.  We’re not talking about wild hunches; it’s using your subconscious analysis and insights that result from a wide range of information and experience.

Know when to cut your losses.  Recognize the difference between progress through energetic persistence, and the frantic pursuit of a lost cause.  Keep an eye on why you were doing it in the first place.

Maximize chance opportunities.  Expose yourself to opportunities and follow up on those that do occur.  I was an usher at a wedding of a coworker; another member of the wedding party suggested that I call her cousin, who lived near me.  I called.  That blind date became my wife in 1963, and we still really enjoy being with each other.  Who knew?  Sometimes ya’ just gotta be lucky.

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