Huff and puff

There he goes—busy, busy—a master of the huff and puff.  “Gotta go—got another meeting.  What a day, what a day.”

Rushing around, reacting to anything that comes up, dabbing a light veneer of work on some items, and then trumpeting about how much stuff he covered.  Some of the tasks are just fluff and a waste of time, but others are driven by chronic issues that just keep getting rolled forward.  If pressed about repeated delays, he will take the time to explain why it’s not his fault.  Don’t press him further—he’ll just give you guff about how “you just don’t understand how things work around here!”

Well, how do things work around here?  Why isn’t he held responsible for better results?  Let’s see, his boss is busy with management meetings—preparing and reviewing lots of charts, and rejecting occasional suggestions.  The organization has become so complex that accountability is unfocused.  The business is large enough and revenues are high enough that serious systemic problems are glossed over.  But can this be sustained?

Huff, puff, stuff, fluff, guff—enough!


George M. Pomonik
Pomonik Consulting, Inc.
“Chaos Removal Services”SM

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