The greatest line

In my blog post about “Noise”, I referred to “the greatest pick up line in the history of the world”.  Of course, that raised the question, “well, what is it?”

I’ll tell you, but first let me give you some related information.  In the “Noise” piece, “the greatest line” is just symbolic of something extraordinary that doesn’t succeed because of the noise and interference that gets in its way.  And although the story refers to a man speaking to a woman, the line is actually gender neutral.

That being said, here’s the greatest line: “Hi, my name is _____; what’s yours?”

Use your most uncomplicated name, one that’s easy to remember and doesn’t sound threatening.  “Vlad the Impaler” would not be a good choice.  Of course you can use a complicated name if, for example, your name is “Crown Prince William”.

Well there it is, the greatest pick up line in the history of the world.  Some people might be concerned about it falling into the wrong hands.  But don’t worry—the line wouldn’t give much of an advantage to the insincere user.


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